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A future outlook for NFPA 1851. Redefining the levels of cleaning; routine, advanced, and specialized.

Firefighter PPE Cleaning Rules Are Changing

NFPA 1851 safety standards are changing, shining a new light on what it means clean Turnouts.

“Routine cleaning is what takes place at the incident scene, although it also prescribes machine cleaning and cleaning turnout in a utility sink. “

“Advanced cleaning is prescribed as machine cleaning, and there are some parameters specified for how this cleaning has to be performed.”

“Specialized cleaning is relegated to any unusual contamination that takes place.”

– Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull

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Gross Decon Procedures Reducing Absorption Risk

Oklahoma City firefighters use new decontamination procedure for safety

“What we’ve found is doing on-scene decontamination gets rid of 85 to 90 percent of the contaminants on that gear” – McKinney Oklahoma City Fire Department

Incorporate Responder Clean’s Fire Wipes and Wet Mitigation Rinse into your department’s on-scene gross decon practices to ensure an even greater reduction of absorption risk. More importantly, be sure to clean your gear after every incident.

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Best Practices for Reducing Fire Fighter Risk of Exposures to Carcinogens

Best Practices for Reducing Fire Fighter Risk of Exposure to Carcinogens – Booklet

A very informative booklet made available by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, going over the ins and outs of mitigating contaminant exposure. Everything from financing to logistics, this booklet shows how you can fight the risk of exposure and safe guard your health for the future.

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A Contributing Factor to Higher Rates of Cancer

Higher rates of cancer of among firefighters is a concern to many. Could the cause be directly related to the building materials we find within many of our homes?

This video shows a quick demonstration showing the number of toxins found in modern day structural fires vs structural fires in the past. The difference comes about in the materials we use to build. Today synthetic materials are present within almost every modern day home, where as in the past, the common building materials of choice were more natural.

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