Responder Clean

Responder Clean, a division of Gear Wash, LLC, is dedicated to helping First Responders keep their PPE gear, equipment, vehicles, and facilities clean to help prevent cross contamination and reduce absorption exposure risk to harmful contaminants. In addition, our products help First Responders maintain a clean and professional appearance when operating in public. We use innovative and safe chemistry to help First Responder organizations clean away harmful contaminants and carcinogens due to the high-risk environments and incidents that they may be exposed to on a daily basis. Our care and maintenance background has allowed us to develop cleaning solutions suitable for use on Turnouts per NFPA 1851, which assists in prolonging the safe, useable life of the gear.

Our products are all designed with the safety of the First Responder in mind. Your safety is our daily focus and commitment.
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PPE Washing Instructions

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  • Do not use home or public washers to clean contaminated clothing. Doing so may contaminate other garments washed afterward.
  • Use a front-loading commercial washer.
  • Do not overload the machine. Follow the manufacturer's load capacity recommendations for PPE.
  • Separate the liner system from the shell and wash separately.
  • Pre-treat heavily soiled and/or spotted areas of the garment with Turnout Gear Wash diluted solution, if necessary. For heavily soiled garments, soak the garments in a stainless steel tub or the Washer for 1 hour using Turnout Gear Wash. If using the washing machine, drain the soak water before your wash cycle.
  • If necessary, scrub spotted areas gently using a soft bristle brush.
  • Fasten all closures, including pocket closures, all Velcro, snaps, zippers, hooks and dees, and any other closures on the garment.
  • Turn the garment inside out before placing in the washer
  • Use Turnout Gear Wash or another approved low pH detergent (maximum pH of 10.5 in the pail). Liquid detergents are preferred. Do not use soap.
  • Do not use and products containing Sodium Hypochlorite, such as chlorine bleach. They will weaken aramid fabrics.
  • Wash in warm water setting - A maximum of 105 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended per the NFPA 1851 standard.
  • Run one complete cycle with rinsing at least twice.
  • Washing machine extract speed should be set at a maximum of 100 g-force.
  • Dry the garments per NFPA 1851 and the manufacturer's instructions. Do not hang the garments in direct sunlight.
  • Inspect the garments. Re-wash if necessary.
  • Contact Gear Wash if additional work is needed.

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