Maintenance Services Provided

Fire gear in the washer

Clean It

Our proprietary systems clean, disinfects and decontaminates your gear, and removes harmful particulates and residue to protect your gear’s advanced fabrics and reduce your secondary exposure to toxins and carcinogens.
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Quality Guaranteed:

Gear Wash's professional cleaning facility is designed to handle your specific PPE cleaning needs. All cleaning services meet manufacturer, industry, and NFPA cleaning standards.

Our Advanced and Specialized Cleaning services include:

  • Annual Advanced Cleaning.
  • Advanced ozone disinfection/sanitization cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for structural helmets and other PPE elements.
  • Bulk and Specialized Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons, Biological decontamination.
  • Special Operations Equipment Cleaning.

Reasons why you should have your PPE cleaned with Gear Wash:

  • Soiled PPE reflects less radiant heat.
  • PPE heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons are more likely to conduct electricity.
  • Oil, grease, and hydrocarbon deposits from smoke cause PPE to ignite.
  • Reflective trim may become less visible.
  • Fabrics may weaken and tear more easily and thread may become loose.
  • A key preventative measure to reduce contaminant absorption risk.

For more information about our advanced cleaning services, contact us at or 866-657-0111 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Inspect It

Gear Wash provides professional inspection services and diligently follows current standards to help your organization maintain the performance of your PPE. Our thorough and diligent inspection process identifies contamination/residue/damage and signs of failure on all layers.
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“Our trained inspection specialists keep up-to-date on current standards and help advise you whether PPE should be repaired or retired after an exposure incident.

Inspection Services Include:

  • Annual Advanced Inspection of all elements
  • 3+ Year Complete Liner Evaluation
  • Moisture Barrier Water Penetration (Hydrostatic) Test
  • Outer Shell Fabric Integrity
  • Liner System Light Test
  • Reflective Trim Light Test
  • Thermal Barrier Light Test
  • Boot Leakage Test
  • Glove Leakage Test
  • Particulate Blocking Hood Light Test

Schedule your advanced inspections to ensure the integrity of your PPE when you contact us at or 866-657-0111 in Milwaukee, WI.”

Repairing fire gear

Repair It

Gear Wash works with our customers to determine if repairs are economically based on the age of the PPE and your repair investment made to-date. Our estimate specialists will provide you with an unbiased assessment to help your organization make the best decision about the serviceability of your gear.
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We Repair ALL THREE LAYERS to ensure peak performance

  • Prevent minor damage from migrating to a major expense
  • Restore gear to serviceable condition
  • Reduce replacement frequency

If it is on your turnout gear, we can repair it. Our repair services include:

  • General patching and stitching
  • Repair or replace reflective trim
  • Reconstruct torn trouser cuffs
  • Repair or replace the moisture barrier and thermal liner layers
  • Make department, name and ID letter/number panels
  • Custom Work and Retrofitting

Schedule your advanced repairs to ensure the integrity of your PPE when you contact us at or 866-657-0111 in Milwaukee, WI.

Inspecting fire gear

Alter/Customize It

If you need your gear increased or decreased in size, Gear Wash can alter your PPE to fit. General industry guidelines recommend that sizing not be increased or decreased more than four (4) inches. Alterations greater than 4 inches may negatively impact the fit and structure of the garment and performance for the end-user.
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Turnout Gear Alterations & Options:

  • Alterations
    • Pant - Increase/decrease waist
    • Pant - Lengthen/shorten inseam
    • Pant - Increase/decrease crotch rise
    • Jacket – Lengthen/shorten sleeves
    • Jacket – Lengthen/shorten hem
    • Jacket – Increase/decrease chest
    • And more…

A general rule for alterations is to not increase or decrease a garment size by more than 4 inches, but we will complete alterations as directed by the customer.

  • Add Options
    • Flashlight hooks
    • Straps
    • Mic tabs
    • Options according to manufacturer specifications
    • Other custom requests and retrofitting

PPE Name Patches

  • 3M Letter and number option include the following:
    • Sew-on
    • Heat Applied
  • Letter Size Options:
    • 3 inch
    • 2 inch

Gear Wash fabricates name and identity panels in standard shapes. Click on the link to open our standard Style Sheet. Download Panel Style Sheet

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