At Gear Wash, we are a full service UL Verified Independent Service Provider (ISP) of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) care and maintenance, available throughout the US. As a division of Fire-Dex, LLC, we specialize in advanced cleaning, advanced inspections, advanced repair, alteration, and customization services that meet industry-established standards and manufacturer requirements.

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Our Core PPE Services And Products Include:

√   Cleaning, Inspection & Repair Packages
   PPE Rentals
   Compliant PPE Laundry & Disinfectant Products
   In-station NFPA Compliance Consulting
   PPE Compliance Record Keeping

Markets We Serve

Fire Departments & Training Facilities EMS & Ambulance Services ∴ Urban Search & Rescue Armed & Military Forces

PPE Safety Care IconOur Commitment to Service

We ensure a higher level of quality and service with diligent compliance to current safety standards while ensuring your protective gear is in top shape to offer the best level of protection possible.

UL Verification LogoUL Verified ISP

We are tested and audited annually to comply with the NFPA 1851 requirements for ISP verification. This annual process ensures that your department is receiving service that meets current safety standards and that the performance of your equipment will not be compromised. Click here to view our 2020 UL Certification of Verification.

Where To Find Us

Our services are available all throughout the U.S.
Contact us at or 866-927-4773