About Us

Gear Wash, founded in 2002 and located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading UL Verified ISP providing high-performance workwear care and maintenance services that meet current safety standards. Our core PPE services and products include:

  • Verified ISP- Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspections, Advanced Repair, alteration and customization services that meet industry established standards and manufacturer requirements.
  • Firefighter Turnout Rentals- Short and long term rentals for temporary equipment needs.
  • Responder Clean- Proprietary brands and advanced cleaning products to mitigate contamination exposure risk to your gear.

In 2019, Gear Wash was purchased by Fire-Dex further extending their commitment to offering safer solutions for first responders around the world.

Our Mission:

Gear Wash provides high-quality specialty services and products for the High-Performance Workwear markets, including first responders and industrial workers that perform dangerous jobs to help assure their health and safety.

Why Choose Us

We care about every customer and have made investments to ensure your satisfaction:

  • We are an Independent Service Provider (ISP) dedicated to the PPE care and maintenance markets providing our customers unbiased services for the compliance with industry and manufacturer safety standards.
  • We have a reputation for superior service:
    • We train our employees to provide high quality workmanship
    • We are recommended by all Turnout manufacturers
    • We strive for timely turnaround
  • We help to manage your organization's liability exposure through our diligent compliance with current industry standards and regulations and provide risk management support with industry compliant reporting
  • We are focused on unmatched customer communication, including;
    • A comprehensive electronic PPE tracking & reporting system
    • Email order status notification
    • PPE Ledger Portal, providing online PPE maintenance records and billing history for our customers
  • Learn more about the benefits of working with Gear Wash

Working for Your Organization

When you select Gear Wash as your PPE SafetyCare Service provider, you are assured a higher level of quality and service with diligent compliance to current safety standards. We ensure that your protective gear is in top shape to make certain that it keeps you safe. Our specialists care about every customer and have been trained to focus on safety first. We continually invest in training and equipment to ensure your satisfaction

Our Capabilities

Our PPE Services:

• Advanced Cleaning
• Advanced Inspection
• Advanced Repairs & Warranty
• PPE SafetyCare Programs
• PPE Ledger Tracking System
• NFPA 1851 Training and Consulting

Our Markets Served:

• Fire Services
• Search & Rescue
• Law Enforcement
• Armed Forces
• Industrial Safety

UL Verified - UL Certificate

Independent Service Provider (ISP) Verified per the NFPA 1851 Standard
Gear Wash is tested and audited annually to comply with the NFPA 1851 Standard requirements for ISP verification. This annual process ensures that your organization is receiving service that meets current safety standards and that the performance of your equipment will not be compromised.

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