Accurately Fitted PPE Will Improve Safety 

Whether you receive a hand me down or purchase brand new gear, you need to check that it is suitably fitted for your stature, not only for comfort, but also for your safety.

Rely on our professionals to resize your gear for a proper fit, while feeling confident that the adjustments will not alter its performance.

Additionally, we offer modification services to guarantee your PPE’s functionality keeps up with the ever-changing needs of your department. See below for details.

How Gear Wash Alterations Can Improve Your PPE?

When you enlist our alteration specialists to make changes to your PPE, you are guaranteed to be happy with the outcome. Below you will find a list of garments we accept and general alterations we provide. Custom requests and retrofitting, not mentioned below, can be reviewed and quoted by filling out our request form.

What Can Be Altered or Modified?

  • Turnout Gear (all 3 layers)
  • Single Layer Fatigues
  • 2 piece or coverall EMS, USAR, and Wildland garments
  • Pockets, straps, and mic clips
  • Reflective Trim
  • Letter Patches

What Types of Alterations are Available?

  • Increase or decrease waistline
  • Lengthen or shorten inseam
  • Increase or decrease crotch rise
  • Lengthen or shorten sleeves
  • Lengthen or shorten hem
  • Increase or decrease chest
  • Add or adjust flashlight hooks & mic tabs
  • Athletic cuts/tapering
  • Add or replace sewn-on or heat applied letter patches

*A general rule for alterations is to not increase or decrease a garment size by more than four (4) inches, but we will complete alterations as directed by the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions