Clean Gear Makes a Difference

The longevity of your PPE and its effectiveness relies heavily on one factor: proper maintenance. That's why your relationship with your Independent Service Provider (ISP) is so important!  

Our proprietary systems clean, disinfect and decontaminate everything from turnouts and alternative PPE to helmets, hoods, gloves, harnesses, and boots, removing harmful particulates and residue in the process. We take extra care to protect your gear’s advanced fabrics while adhering to manufacturer, industry, and NFPA cleaning standards.


The 2020 NFPA 1851 standard increased its recommendation for advanced cleanings to twice a year. Our specialists are dedicated to the care and maintenance of your gear by providing:

  • Advanced Ozone Cleaning: This process combines oxygen and electricity to achieve a powerful clean by leaving your gear free of heavy chemical residue and without any damage to the fabric. Reap the benefits of Ozone laundering:
    • Requires no drying time
    • Uses less energy and doesn't require water
    • Contains no toxic cleaning agents
    • Uses a lower temperature to clean & reduce gear degradation
  • CO2 Cleaning Technology powered by Tersus: CO2 Cleaning penetrates all layers of turnout gear more effectively than water.
    • The Tersus Solutions CO2 process shows contaminant removal rates as high as 98%
    • Faster cleaning solution with no drying time and no need for disassembly means getting your gear back sooner* for gear that doesn’t need repair(s)
    • Closed-loop cleaning system preserves water and electricity, captures microfibers, and utilizes low temperature to help extend the life of your gear
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: A gentle, yet effective scrubbing method which uses high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from deep within the crevices of your structural helmets and other PPE. Discover more about ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Specialized Cleanings: Whether your gear requires heavy decontamination or advanced care to heavy metals, biological contamination or hydrocarbons, we provide an extra eye to detail.
  • Special Operations Equipment Cleaning:
    At Gear Wash, we utilize OMNI Solutions’ LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System. This system provides outstanding cleaning and disinfection while eliminating ground pollutants. LUX technology supercharges our in-house laundry system through an advanced oxidation process. This process goes above and beyond the NFPA 1851 process of cleaning verification. All PPE will be cleaned the first time to avoid any rewashing and slowing down the process. With this technology, we are able to disinfect against some of the most common viruses such as: SARS-CoV2, MRSA, and COVID-19.

*CO2 cleaning services are available at our Denver location, but individuals from anywhere in the US can send their gear for CO2 cleaning.

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6 Reasons You Should Have Your PPE Cleaned Regularly

  1. PPE heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons are more likely to conduct electricity
  2. Soiled PPE reflects less radiant heat
  3. Oil, grease, and hydrocarbon deposits from smoke can cause PPE to ignite
  4. Cleaning can keep the vibrance of your reflective trim from fading
  5. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals may weaken turnout fabrics
  6. It is a preventative measure to reduce contaminant absorption risk

Want to learn more about maintaining your gear or performing in-station cleanings and inspections? Visit our NFPA 1851 Resources page.