Properly Cleaned PPE Makes a Difference

The difference between "cleaned" and properly cleaned equipment is your health and safety. That's why the relationship with your Independent Service Provider (ISP) is so important.

Gain trust in knowing Gear Wash Safety Care Specialists take safety to heart. Through advanced training and a deep understanding of NFPA 1851 guidelines, our team is prepared to take the best possible care of your personal safety equipment.

Our proprietary systems clean, disinfect and decontaminate everything from turnouts and alternative PPE to helmets, hoods, gloves, harnesses, and boots, removing harmful particulates and residue in the process. We take extra care to protect your gear’s advanced fabrics while adhering to manufacturer, industry, and NFPA cleaning standards.

How Gear Wash Gets Your Gear Clean

The 2020 NFPA 1851 standard increased its recommendation for advanced cleanings to twice a year. We help you get the most out of these cleanings by providing:

  • Advanced Ozone Disinfection/Sanitization Cleanings: This process achieves a powerful clean, leaving your gear free of heavy chemical residue and without damaging to the fabrics.
    Learn more about Ozone laundering and how your gear can reap its benefits.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: A gentle, yet effective scrubbing method which enhances the removal of foreign contaminants from deep within pores and crevices of structural helmets and other PPE elements.
    Learn more about ultrasonic cleaning and washing of surfaces.
  • Special Operations Equipment Cleaning
  • Specialized Cleanings: Our team isn't new to the ISP business. We understand your job is full of unexpected circumstances and we're prepared to help you get your gear back to its full potential for protection no matter the exposure. Whether your gear requires heavy decontamination or advanced attention to heavy metals, hydrocarbons, biological, or other contamination, we have you covered.
    Contact our experts at (866) 657-0111 for details of our tailored approach to achieving the cleanest clean for your gear.

Our services can be performed separately or packaged into discounted bundles to keep you on track with local, state, or federal standards.

6 Reasons You Should Have Your PPE Cleaned Regularly

  1. PPE heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons are more likely to conduct electricity
  2. Soiled PPE reflects less radiant heat
  3. Oil, grease, and hydrocarbon deposits from smoke could cause PPE to ignite
  4. Cleaning can keep the vibrance of your reflective trim from fading
  5. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals may weaken turnout fabrics
  6. It is a preventative measure to reduce contaminant absorption risk

Want to learn more about maintaining your gear or performing in-station cleanings and inspections? Visit our NFPA 1851 Resources page.