Quality PPE Rentals for First Responders

Need temporary equipment to keep your crew protected?

Easily determine what gear your department needs by choosing our head-to-toe package or individual rentals. With several manufacturer brands in our inventory, we have sets to fit everyone.

When you rent the head-to-toe package, stay protected by keeping the particulate blocking hood and gloves!

We offer the following PPE rentals:

1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 4 Months 5 Months 6 Months
Head-To-Toe* $260 $390 $520 $572 $624 $894.50
Helmet Only $52 $62.50 $72.75 $83.25 $93.50 $104
Jacket Only $104 $182 $260 $312 $364 $416
Pant Only $104 $182 $260 $312 $364 $416
Boots Only $36.50 $41.50 $46.75 $52 $57.25 $62.50
*Head-to-toe includes a helmet, hood, jacket, pant, gloves, boots and a gear bag.
*All turnout and equipment rentals are NFPA 1971-compliant and maintained to the current NFPA1851 safety standard.

Why Use Rental PPE? 

Cleaning and Repairs  

  • When other gear is sent to be cleaned, use a replacement set as a backup  

Cadet Programs  

  • Put your PPE rentals to the test during academy drills instead of using resources on new turnout gear  

Try Before You Buy  

  • PPE rentals can allow you to experiment with equipment in the short term while helping to determine long-term PPE needs  

Waiting On Turnout Gear Orders 

  • While you're waiting on your turnout gear delivery, rental gear can supplement your needs between placing the order and receiving it  

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