On-Site Services

You can rely on our on-site services to be an effective and trustworthy provider for your PPE cleaning, inspection, and repair needs. With over 350 square feet of working space, our semi-tractor trailer is UL verified and compliant with NFPA 1851 standards.

We require a commitment of 100 sets per department and can process a maximum of 25 turnout gear sets per day including hoods, gloves, boots, and helmets guaranteeing a 36-hour turnaround time!

This service is currently available to Florida locations only.

Full Services Available

When reviewing your gear, we will complete the following processes:

  • Inspection: Routine Inspections are a standard inspection of PPE completed by two people for free on every piece of gear we receive upon request.
  • Cleaning: Advanced Cleaning is heavy duty cleaning for highly soiled gear that does not need soaking or bio-wash cleaning for bio-contaminated gear. 
Semi Truck
Semi_Interior_Spools with Thread


  • Patches
  • Zippers
  • Name Panels
  • Hose
  • RIT Bags
  • Hardware
  • Velcro
  • Retrofits
  • Bail-out Bags
  • Specialty Bags
  • Bed Covers
  • Gear Bags Repairs
  • Helmet Part Replacements
  • Specialty Repairs and Much More

Additionally, we offer:

Inside of semi - sewing machines

Frequently Asked Questions