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Gear Wash is a UL Verified Independent Service Provider (ISP) of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) care and maintenance, nationwide.

You can rely on our professional staff to take care of you and extend the longevity of your gear through advanced cleanings, inspections, repairs, alterations, and other customized services that meet industry-established standards and manufacturer requirements.

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PPE defends you against fire. Protect it from wear and tear through routine clean and repair maintenance.

Our PPE Safety Care Specialists use our advanced laundry solutions and technologies to remove "the yuck" off your PPE, extend its longevity, optimize turnaround time, and maintain maximum performance.

We use technologies like Ozone to achieve the cleanest clean.
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Our thorough inspection keeps your gear in top shape.
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Repairing your PPE is essential to your safety.
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Short and long term NFPA 1971 and 1851 compliant gear.
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Our Products

Preliminary Exposure Reduction and In-station cleanings should be part of your first line of defense against fireground contaminants. Be sure you are choosing NFPA-compliant laundry and disinfectant products that are approved for the task at hand.

Gear Wash Laundry and Disinfectant products are specifically formulated to care for and treat the unique characteristics of each PPE layer. Our formulas remove soot, grease, liquids, biohazards and particulates, while helping to keep the integrity of the protective fabrics in tact.

Laundry and Disinfectant Products