Repair Today For A Safer Tomorrow

Repairs are a necessity when it comes to safety. Don't compromise your well-being or the longevity of your PPE by delaying- it could be costly!

Adequate repairs require expert attention to detail. Gear Wash repair specialists have a history of working specifically with first responder safety equipment, and can efficiently and effectively get your gear back to working order. We focus on all PPE layers to prevent minor damage from migrating to a major expense and use best practices to restore gear to service. 

How Do Gear Wash Repairs Compare?

We keep your safety in mind during every stitch, ensuring the gear you give to us is optimized to its greatest potential for protection. Our professionally-trained specialists will assess all damage, strain, and areas of improvement. To show we care, we even advise when expenses outweigh the repairs and consult when gear should be removed from service. Once repairs are complete, testing is done to confirm that all interventions are functioning properly and PPE passes all safety requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • General patching and stitching
  • Reconstruction for torn trouser cuffs
  • Repair of moisture barriers and thermal liners
  • Repair and replacement of:
    • Reflective trim
    • Velcro
    • Name plates (to manufacturer's spec)
    • Knee panels/pads (for all makes and models)
    • Zippers
  • Repairs as needed and other custom work

Benefits of PPE Repair:

  • Keeps your gear safer for longer
  • Prevents minor damages from turning into major expenses
  • Restores gear to serviceable condition
  • Reduces PPE replacement frequency

Looking for information on our alteration capabilities? Click here.

Our services can be performed separately or packaged into discounted bundles to keep you on track with local, state, or federal standards.