PPE Maintenance Package

Just as you have your trucks, hoses, and extinguishers examined annually, your gear should be treated no differently. PPE care and maintenance are the first lines of defense you have on the fire scene.

What’s a PPE Maintenance Package?  

Our PPE Maintenance Package is designed to help your department budget for PPE care and maintenance services. Our goal is to ensure you're working towards becoming fully compliant with NFPA 1851 by using our predetermined cost for at least one annual visit for any gear brand.

What Are the Benefits?

Keeping up with the care and maintenance of your PPE can help your department:

  • Reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous material
  • Extend the usable life of your garments, and
  • Ensure you meet NFPA 1851 requirements
What's Included:
  • Annual advanced cleaning and inspection
  • Required basic repairs (patches, Velcro, trim, seal tape)
  • Additional services available a la carte, including optional repairs to options such as cuffs, knees, and pockets
  • Employee NFPA 1851 training and resources
  • Pick up/delivery available based on proximity to our locations
  • Shipping costs
  • Free access to our app which includes recordkeeping, long-term compliance, and service history
  • Maintenance scheduling reports
Fee Structure
  • Flat rate fee based on volume
Package Terms

Agreements are available to departments with more than half of the gear inventory being three years old or less from the manufacturing date and are arranged for a 12-month term, but the term length can be adjusted per the needs of your department. Prices and discounts are based on projected volume (or historical usage for existing customers).

We guarantee you will love our work but understand that unexpected circumstances will happen. Due to this, you may cancel your services at any time. Service exclusions apply, see below for full details.

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